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About AthenaCheck

Helping you graduate. That is why we started AthenaCheck. We believe that every student deserves a fair chance to graduate. We also believe that providing practical tips is the best way to help you permanently improve your writing. That is why we help students by editing their thesis or checking their report. We always include personal feedback.

Students often have all sorts of doubts and questions regarding their thesis and reports. What about grammar rules? Do I have a good command of the academic writing style? Do I apply the APA guidelines correctly? We are here to take away that uncertainty and give you advice on how to write perfect texts yourself from now on.

Hand in your documents with less uncertainty

You will often be heavily judged on your use of language. Your grade depends to a large extent on how you describe your research. You may have done fantastic research or come up with a very logical story, but not everyone is able to effectively translate that into words.

We have noticed that the feedback on your writing style from educational institutions is often limited. That is a shame. Writing a thesis is a learning process. You learn about yourself, your writing style, and about how to construct an effective piece.

We see the value in providing you with meaningful feedback on your writing. That is why our editors always give you personal writing tips when you have your report or thesis edited, so that you can apply them to your next texts. You will benefit from this for the rest of your career.

What we do: more than just editing your thesis

With our team of thesis editors, we guide students and allow them to submit their thesis with more confidence. We offer a thesis proofreading service, a plagiarism check and a source check. We can also improve your thesis in terms of structure, common thread and layout.

Furthermore, you can use our website to generate your own APA sources or to have sources created according to the Leidraad voor Juridische Auteurs (Guide for Legal Authors). We also have an extensive knowledge base with articles on structure, use of sources, academic writing and thesis writing tips.

Study support

AthenaCheck is part of AthenaDocs. Under our different labels, such as AthenaStudies, AthenaSchool and AthenaSummary, we offer study support in every phase of your educational career, from the beginning of high school right to your final thesis.

We have already helped students with summaries, tutoring, and training in the area of thesis writing. With AthenaCheck, we can also guide you in writing an error-free and logically structured thesis.
Who are we?

Language purists. Thesis experts. Graduates. Thesis writers themselves. At AthenaCheck we work with a team of experienced editors. They have all undergone extensive screening. Becoming an editor at AthenaCheck is not something we take lightly. First, you have to edit a sample text and then you have to check three texts that will be reviewed by a senior editor. It is only when you have completed these steps successfully that you can become an editor for AthenaCheck

Thanks to our extensive editor team, we can always choose an editor that suits your thesis. Whether you are writing an internship report for a healthcare institution or a thesis on chemistry - we will assign you an editor with a strong affinity for your subject.

Why should you have your thesis edited by AthenaCheck?

  • 100% quality. That is what we aim for. That is why all our editors go through an extensive selection process and check each other's work. That always means quality.
  • Experts in academic writing. Our editors have extensive knowledge of academic writing. They format your text in the right style and give you tips on how to apply that style yourself.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Is there anything you can’t seem to figure out? Please let us know. We will review your document a second time free of charge.
  • Affinity with your academic field. Your document is checked by an editor who is familiar with your field. We select them for this specifically.
  • Personal feedback. You will always receive personal tips to improve your writing style. These will also be useful for all the texts you write in the future.
  • Also for English documents. We also have English editors who are native speakers. Thus, we can certainly edit English theses or texts for you.

Are you wondering how we can help you?

Can you use our help? Want to know what we can do for you? Check out our Language Check, Plagiarism Check and Resource Check for more information. You can also upload your document directly. We will return it to you edited within the deadline.

Questions? Ask us via e-mail at info@athenacheck.nl and you will quickly receive an answer.