Language Check - General questions

At AthenaCheck we can check all kinds of study documents for you. Often it concerns a thesis. In addition, our editors can check essays, papers, internship reports, reflection reports, advisory reports and dissertations.

At AthenaCheck your thesis is in safe hands. It is checked by our experienced thesis experts. All AthenaCheck editors have gone through an extensive selection procedure, so we can guarantee quality. Once you have submitted your thesis, we look for an editor with a specific affinity for your subject.

Certainly. We work with English editors who are native English speakers. They can check your English thesis or other documents in detail for you.

The fee depends on the length of your thesis, the deadline and the checks you want us to do. Do you only want a language check, or do you also want us to check the structure and/or the thread of your thesis? Upload your thesis via our site and find out immediately how much it will cost to have it checked.

We check all kinds of documents for your study. These are often theses at the college or university level. For your bachelor's or master's. We can also check other types of study documents. Think of internship reports, essays, papers, dissertations, advisory reports or a plan of approach. Are you unsure whether we can check your document? Send us an e-mail. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Certainly. You can choose your deadline. We always meet those deadlines, whether it's the weekend or a public holiday. For example, did you upload your document on Saturday at 10 pm? If the deadline is 24 hours, we will return it to you no later than 10 p.m. on Sunday.

We give your document to an editor who has an affinity with your field or subject. The editor is not an expert on your subject but has a personal interest in the subject you are writing about.

The editor can support you in improving the structure of your text and the clarity of your reasoning and arguments. However, it is important to note that the editor cannot provide a substantive assessment of the correctness of your thesis. For feedback regarding the structure and common thread of your thesis, we offer two additional services:

1. Structure Check

Your editor checks that all required parts are present in your chapters and that they are in the right place. Through personal feedback and the adjustments in the report you will receive suggestions for improvements to strengthen the structure of your text. Process all feedback and make sure your structure is so solid that your supervisor has no more comments!

2. Red Thread Check

With the Red Thread Check we help you to ensure that your story is clear and logical. We provide feedback on your reasoning and arguments, so that everyone immediately understands what you are talking about!

Specific feedback

With both services you will receive extensive feedback and useful tips. However, the editor will not make any substantive changes, as this remains your responsibility.

However, you will receive sufficient tools to take your thesis to a higher level.

It is not necessary to make a reservation to have your document checked. Once your text is ready to be edited, you can simply upload it via our website. Depending on the deadline you have chosen, we ensure that one or more editors review your text within 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days. If you are planning to upload a very large document (>15,000 words) with a deadline of 24 hours, we recommend that you contact us in advance via chat or e-mail.

During the check

Please take the time to read the entire document and read the personal feedback you received. Collect your questions and formulate them in an email. Add the most recent version of your document as an attachment. Send the email to info@athenacheck.nl.

Tip: If you have specific questions about certain parts of your document, you can add comments to the document itself. That way the editor can help you better and faster. Our support team will forward your questions to the editor and get the answer back to you as soon as possible.

Our editors are happy to answer specific questions about the graded text, such as:

What exactly do you mean by this comment?
It seems you didn't answer my question about using personal pronouns. Can you still go into this?

Once you have placed your order, it is not possible to replace the document. If you want to submit a new version of your document, please contact us immediately via email (info@athenacheck.nl)

Please note that if the editor has already started reviewing your document, you may incur additional fees for the extra words to be graded.

Language Check - After the check

We find 100% satisfaction very important. Is there anything you are not satisfied with? Then we first go back to the editor who checked your thesis. If necessary, we have your thesis checked again by another editor, free of charge. In extreme cases, you will get your money back.

You can always e-mail your questions to us at info@athenacheck.nl. We will then contact the editor for you. He will answer your questions personally.

Plagiarism Check - General questions

Upload your document via our website. Our advanced software will do the Plagiarism Check for you. Your text is compared to billions of online and offline publications and a large number of unpublished texts. We do this using Turnitin software, which is also used by many educational institutions. The check results in a plagiarism report. This gives you an immediate insight into fragments that indicate possible plagiarism. You can also see what the original text is. Based on that, you can adjust the text immediately.

If you commit plagiarism, it can have major consequences. You may be suspended from your studies or receive a failing mark for your paper or thesis. This also applies if you have committed plagiarism by accident, for example, because you have not properly paraphrased the original text. These are risks that you do not want to run and which, fortunately, can be easily prevented with a plagiarism check. With our plagiarism check, you have insight into possible plagiarism within 5 minutes and you can immediately adjust the "plagiarised" texts.

Yes, unfortunately. We often see people commit plagiarism unknowingly. For example, they forget to add inverted commas, accidentally misplace a source or a paraphrase is too similar to the original text. This can also be a case of plagiarism. Our plagiarism control prevents you from committing plagiarism by mistake for reasons such as these.

Yes, it does. Turnitin contains publications in 20 different languages, including Dutch and English. So you can check both your English and Dutch thesis for plagiarism with our plagiarism checker. A check is also possible for several other languages, such as Spanish.

Plagiarism Check - Software

For the plagiarism check, we work with Turnitin. This is one of the world's largest software tools for determining plagiarism. Turnitin has a huge database of online and offline publications and web pages. Turnitin is also used by many Dutch educational institutions to detect plagiarism. It is therefore a reliable tool that has been proven to detect plagiarism.

In our plagiarism checker, we compare your uploaded document with the largest database of documents, namely that of Turnitin. This currently consists of almost 100 billion web pages and about 8 billion scientific publications (online and offline). Scientific publications also include books from publishers such as Wiley-Blackwell and Elsevier. Please note: we cannot compare your document with student assignments. We don't have access to that; only the educational institution can achieve this.

Of course. Turnitin contains publications in 20 different languages, including Dutch and English. You can therefore check both your English and Dutch thesis for plagiarism with our plagiarism checker. A check is also possible for various other languages, such as Spanish.

Plagiarism Check - The plagiarism rapport

In our plagiarism control, we compare your uploaded document with the largest database of documents, Turnitin. It currently consists of almost 100 billion web pages and some 8 billion scientific publications (online and offline). Scientific publications include books from publishers such as Wiley-Blackwell and Elsevier. Please note that we cannot compare your document with student assignments. We do not have access to them; only the educational institution can access them.

Ideally, of course, there would be no plagiarism at all. However, our experience shows that often at least some plagiarism is found. Even without it being plagiarism. For example, Turnitin also marks texts that you have quoted and your source citations naturally overlap with other documents that refer to the same sources. It is also possible that you use a fixed pattern for a plan of approach, for example; this is also plagiarism in theory (but permissible plagiarism). So, a score of 0% plagiarism is not realistic. In practice, the rule of thumb is that if you score more than 10%, you should definitely amend your document. This is too much overlap. With a score between 5 and 10%, there is also a chance that there is too much plagiarism. In principle, scores below 5% are not worrying. However, even with low scores, it is good to check the overlap of your text with other texts and make adjustments where necessary.

If you cannot see the results of the Plagiarism Checker, there are two options to still access your results.

1. Do you use Google Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome, this error often no longer occurs. Therefore, first try to open the results of the plagiarism check with Google Chrome. If you already use this browser or if this solution does not work, please see option 2.

2. Contact support to receive a PDF version of your file

If option 1 doesn't work, you can contact us via email with a request to send a PDF version of the results. This way you can still get started with the results!

General questions - Knowledge Base

You can let us know your idea for a new topic we should write about, or an error you discovered in one of our articles, by sending an email to info@athenacheck.nl. We appreciate your input and will do our best to consider your suggestion.

The AthenaCheck Knowledge Base is a collection of free resources to help you with research, academic writing, and citation.

General questions - Reference check

We have editors for virtually every reference style. We can review sources formatted according to APA style, the Guide for Legal Authors, MLA, Chicago, MLA, Vancouver and several other reference styles. Is your style not listed here? Please e-mail us. Then we can surely help you further.

With the Source Check, all sources used in your document are checked for correctness. A source expert checks whether you are applying the citation style correctly for each source, makes changes immediately and lets you know if some sources are missing from your reference list. You will therefore receive your sources immediately improved and you will also receive feedback on your style and any missing references.