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How can you be certain you're not committing unintended plagiarism? Our plagiarism checker provides clarity. Get a clear answer within a few minutes about whether your document contains plagiarism.

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Within a few minutes, our plagiarism checker will display an accurate percentage of how much plagiarism your document contains.

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The similarities in your text are highlighted, allowing you to quickly identify which source this part of your document matches. We also check sections where only the words have been replaced by synonyms. Each color corresponds to a source in the reference list.

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Your document alongside the original text

Analyze the similarities between your document and the original. This way, you can easily compare all the matches

Your document alongside the <0>original text
Turnitin Partner
Turnitin Partner

AthenaCheck collaborates with Turnitin for the world's finest plagiarism detection. Your document is compared against the world's largest database.

The Check
The Check

Our plagiarism check also examines passages where only words have been replaced with synonyms. This ensures you always receive a 100% accurate plagiarism report.

Ready within minutes
Ready within minutes

Upload your document and sit back. Within a few minutes, you'll receive confirmation of your check, and the report will be immediately available in your account. Enjoy!

Ensure the authenticity of your work by ensuring your document is free from plagiarism

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If you commit plagiarism, it can have major consequences. You may be suspended from your studies or receive a failing mark for your paper or thesis. This also applies if you have committed plagiarism by accident, for example, because you have not properly paraphrased the original text. These are risks that you do not want to run and which, fortunately, can be easily prevented with a plagiarism check. With our plagiarism check, you have insight into possible plagiarism within 5 minutes and you can immediately adjust the "plagiarised" texts.

Yes, unfortunately. We often see people commit plagiarism unknowingly. For example, they forget to add inverted commas, accidentally misplace a source or a paraphrase is too similar to the original text. This can also be a case of plagiarism. Our plagiarism control prevents you from committing plagiarism by mistake for reasons such as these.

For the plagiarism check, we work with Turnitin. This is one of the world's largest software tools for determining plagiarism. Turnitin has a huge database of online and offline publications and web pages. Turnitin is also used by many Dutch educational institutions to detect plagiarism. It is therefore a reliable tool that has been proven to detect plagiarism.

In our plagiarism control, we compare your uploaded document with the largest database of documents, Turnitin. It currently consists of almost 100 billion web pages and some 8 billion scientific publications (online and offline). Scientific publications include books from publishers such as Wiley-Blackwell and Elsevier. Please note that we cannot compare your document with student assignments. We do not have access to them; only the educational institution can access them.

Ideally, of course, there would be no plagiarism at all. However, our experience shows that often at least some plagiarism is found. Even without it being plagiarism. For example, Turnitin also marks texts that you have quoted and your source citations naturally overlap with other documents that refer to the same sources. It is also possible that you use a fixed pattern for a plan of approach, for example; this is also plagiarism in theory (but permissible plagiarism). So, a score of 0% plagiarism is not realistic. In practice, the rule of thumb is that if you score more than 10%, you should definitely amend your document. This is too much overlap. With a score between 5 and 10%, there is also a chance that there is too much plagiarism. In principle, scores below 5% are not worrying. However, even with low scores, it is good to check the overlap of your text with other texts and make adjustments where necessary.

Yes, it does. Turnitin contains publications in 20 different languages, including Dutch and English. So you can check both your English and Dutch thesis for plagiarism with our plagiarism checker. A check is also possible for several other languages, such as Spanish.

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